why and how we manage

We believe that well-managed grazing can be critical for ecologically functional rangelands, and can improve habitat for all life.

We are dedicated to the following practices and principles, and we incorporate them wherever we work.


Holistic planned grazing

Planned grazing helps us manage complex human, land, and animal systems to achieve better performance and well-being for all. From prescriptive grazing to achieve specific ecological outcomes to long-term management of cattle in multi-thousand acre pastures, we adapt our tools and work to the goals at hand.


mindful stockmanship

We are lifelong students of animal behavior and stock handling, and work with our selves, our dogs, and our horses to handle livestock in ways that support their health and welfare.

photo by Lucy Ellis


attentive monitoring

We are trained in systems of ecological monitoring, so that we can track the ways in which our grazing practices influence plants, animals, soil, and water, and record trends over time.



We believe in being good neighbors to wildlife, water, and soil; to other producers and landowners, their animals, and our shared resources. We improve infrastructure and maintain equipment, help our neighbors, and leave places better than we find them.


Mobile management

Our tools, working animals, and homes are mobile, allowing us to responsively manage land with limited existing infrastructure.



Through our partnership with others in the industry, our relationships with environmental and livestock nonprofits, our apprenticeship and education programs and our extended network of friends and family, we surround our work with many hands and minds, and grow new opportunities for others.


Working, together

With experience across the West, we are currently based in New Mexico and Montana. Our land and business partners are people who are committed to environmental stewardship and sustainable economics

If you represent a landbase interested in exploring a new partnership to manage your land, please get in touch.